Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Crikey, I haven't written this blog for ages. Tooooo busy! But simply have to sing the praises of the latest London Bloggers Meetup, which took place last night at Diageo plc, home of Smirnoff. It was free cocktails (and food, because it's ALL about 'responsible drinking' these days....), plus a personalised 'blogtail' - as I like to call them - for each blogger according to what they write about. Being a fan of puns (check out I was served a lemon and lime twist, because I like playing with (or 'twisting') my words. Clever. Plus we then got a free bottle of vodka at the end of the night. Not bad, eh?

Great to meet some more cool bloggers too, here's a brief roundup (sorry if I've forgotten anyone or don't have your urls):

Niamh (blogs about food)
Tom Phillips (blogs for Metro, likes robots)
MissGeeky (loads of ace tips)
Cristiano (more tips)
Andy (organiser extraordinaire)
Rax (co-organiser extraordinaire)
Peter Marshall (photography exhibition coming up soon)
Lolly (great to catch up again)
Melanie (I think she got the best personalised cocktail)
Gary (my friend from 'real life'!)
Chris (who still thinks my band should be called 'Hunter Wing')


Melanie said...

Wow, well done for remembering all those people (or did you just get everyone's cards?)

It was great to meet you too and I can't wait to see more puns.

Lewis Webb said...

Good to meet you Hayley, I'm not hurt about being left off the list - but really impressed that you managed to work the floor and meet all those folk as well!

Rax Lakhani said...

Hi Hayley

Thank you so much for coming along on Tuesday. It was great to meet you.

On behalf of Smirnoff and the team here at Splendid, I'm glad you enjoyed your blog-tail.

I have to say that I'm a new fan of so much so, that I was going to ask you which form of transport you used to get home the other night with the words... "Vodka do you own?".

Oh dear.

I guess with a name like Dunlop, you must get TYRED of pun fakers like me.


Dunners said...

Sorry Lewis, this has now been dutifully rectified!!

Anonymous said...

you're one hot geek

Jaz Cummins said...

Good to meet you, it was a fun night. Thanks for pointing out punlimited!