Sunday, 26 April 2009

Jog save the McQueen

What are the chances?! After mentioning 2008 Apprentice champ Lee McQueen in my first blog post in yonks yesterday, I only happen to see him running the London Marathon today! I screeched at him as he ran past, which coincidentally sounded a bit like a baby reverse pterodactyl.

It was a gorgeous day for watching the race, although I can imagine it was too hot for the runners. Sadly I am now sporting a rather strange tan (burn) line on my neck as, today of all days, I decided to wear a tie thing round my neck. Blimin typical. The atmosphere around the course was fab, and every year that I go along to watch I must admit that I am in awe of the sheer fitness of the athletes, and total dedication of the charity runners. It almost makes me want to do it myself...

I really need to get myself some regular exercise, but lack of motivation and time are my major downfalls. Sadly the time thing is easily addressed by my new employers, who organise various lunch hour exercise classes. So it really boils down to my laziness. I can use my sprained ankle excuse for now (tip: don't sprint for a train through central London in heels whilst trying to dodge innumerable hen/stag parties. Extra tip: if you sustain an injury but still manage to hobble to the station in time for said train as a result of pain-induced adrenaline, MAKE SURE YOU GET ON THE RIGHT ONE) but annoyingly it seems to be getting better. Yoga / boxing here I come...

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Long time no blog

A mentally busy couple of months has resuelted in me cruelly neglecting my blog, and now that my laptop has been given a new lease of life (extended warranty, get in) I have no more excuses not to write more regularly.
In the last few weeks I've started a new job at the Guardian, which is going very well so far and has proven to be extremely interesting and varied. There's talk of me representing the Guardian at a charity pub quiz on Monday. They seem to think that my enthusiasm for pub quizzes and unsubtle competitiveness must mean that I know stuff....

Some of my recent spare time exploits:

...I saw 'In The Loop' last night at the Odeon cinema in Kensington. Once I'd recovered from the shock of paying the best part of £30 for two tickets and popcorn, I very much enjoyed it, and noted that the kid actress from 'My Girl', Anna Chlumsky, had a decent role in it as Liza.

...'The Apprentice'! I must admit I've been watching most of it on iPlayer as I don't seem to ever be at home on Wednesdays anymore. My sweepstaker, Maj, has already been kicked into touch, so no chance of a repeat sweepstake victory for me after last year's Lee McQueen triumph. I reckon the woman who looks like Heather Mills might win.

...I went into Harrods today because I know they stock the wallpaper I want for my bedroom. I say 'stock', but turns out they just have loads of wallpaper books and then you have to order what you want, and pay a £10 delivery charge regardless of whether it gets delivered to your house or to Harrods to pick it up! Fair enough if you're wallpapering a palatial drawing room from top to bottom and a tenner's neither here not there, but if you're only after one roll for thirty quid, it's a joke. There must be somewhere else I can get my hands on a roll.

...The band in which I drum now has a name! We are officially 'Witness to the Beard', which is somehow vaguely connected to the fact that my dad now has facial hair.

Right, I had better get some shut eye before the marathon tomorrow. "Marathon? HAYLEY?!" I hear you proclaim. Obviously I'm not running, but there is talk of heading out and about to watch it locally since we're now in south east London.