Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Shrove boozeday

Pancakes pancakes pancakes. I love them. Can't make them to save my life, but nom nom nom. So, imagine my delight when I found out that Ed's Diner in Soho was giving away free pancakes yesterday, courtesy of The Kindness Offensive!

Luckily for me I got there shortly after the giveaway started at 8am (there were massive queues later), so I got a seat at the counter and was even filmed whilst filling my gob with syrupy yumminess. Sadly the person interviewing me didn't quite understand any of my Masterchef references when I described the quality of the food, but never mind.

I also got a free coffee, which was possibly a mistake since I only normally drink coffee about once every six months when I have a life-or-death requirement for it, and because I was feeling quite perky yesterday anyway, the caffeine in my bloodstream meant that I was talking at about a million miles an hour - AND VERY LOUDLY - all morning.

After a couple of post-work drinkies and a very pleasant, girly dinner with Shell, I went to the February London Bloggers Meetup event at Verve Bar in Covent Garden. This time it was sponsored by Bacardi, promoting their new range of 100 Calorie Bacardi Breezers. And very tasty they were too. So even though the day started off with lots of pancake-related calories, at least I sort of made up for it later on.....yeah right.

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