Sunday, 20 September 2009

Not quite a gas-sacre, but still a (Griffin) lark

Believe it or not I used to be a huge football fan. In fact, if you ask me a 96/97/98 football-related trivia question my knowledge may astound amuse you (especially if that question relates to the Euro 96 England squad, Bristol Rovers or, in particular, Marcus Browning). But after I left Bristol for uni my interest in the beautiful game sadly ebbed away. I still like to go to a match now and again, but the last time I was on the terraces must have been about this time last year when I went to see AFC Wimbledon.

So when I discovered that The Gas were playing Brentford this weekend - just a mere hour away - I decided to go along to Griffin Park to see how my team is faring in League One. To kick us off, here are a few pointless observations:
  • The Bristol Rovers away strip is way too similar to Norwich's home strip. On the other hand it is also rather reminiscent of Brazil's, adding a modicum of realism to the chant 'It's just like watching Brazil...'
  • Before kick off, the two teams now line up in front of the dugouts as if waiting for their respective national anthems to play, then go and shake each others' hands. FOR GOODNESS SAKE THIS IS LEAGUE ONE NOT AN INTERNATIONAL FIXTURE (apparently this has been going on for quite a while without my awareness)
  • For some reason, there were about seven ballboys on one side of the pitch, and none whatsoever on the other
  • Before the match the stewards confiscated my body spray, but were quite happy for me to take in my can of 7UP
  • Griffin Park pasty rating: poor (microwaved Pukkas) but hot and edible
In terms of the actual match (sorry fellas, I am a mere girl after all) it was a brilliant game. Rovers were 3-0 up by half-time, courtesy of two goals from new striker Chris Dickson on his debut (he's on loan from fellow League One-ers Charlton Athletic. What were they thinking?! As a result of yesterday's victory we're now hot on their heels near the top of the table - woop!) and one from Jolean Lescott's sibling, Aaron. The second half was somewhat tense in comparison, with Brentford pulling one back, but despite their dominance they couldn't get another breakthrough, so we were victorious! Championship here we come...


Simon Gould said...

Nice one Hayley - think we should all do this for every game. I will do one later!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the Gas Hayley,remember, once a Gashead always a Gashead,

See you at the next London away game, Craig