Saturday, 30 January 2010

Crazy golf update

I went on a wander after my guitar lesson in Hither Green today to seek out the crazy golf place. I can confirm that it is open, and it's situated on the Meridian South complex near to the Tesco Metro.

Here it is in all its glory:

18 holes! It's £5 for adults and £3 for kids, and from what I remember it's open from 1pm - 9pm on weekdays, and 11am - 9pm on weekends.

Please do correct me if I'm wrong!


maxink said...

We must immediately organize a tournament!

golf said...

The image you have posted is really good and you can use it as kids zone

john said...

I can't see a windmill - it's not really crazy golf unless there's a windmill.....and a lighthouse!

Siany said...

I wanna go! I wanna go!

Charlton does not have crazy golf. Or You Don't Bring Me Flowers. Hither Green wins.

hayjane said...

I too am pretty desperate for a round, although I agree with John that it resembles 'mini golf' rather than its crazier cousin. A tournament would be fun!

john said...

Let's get it on I'm well up for it £5 in the winner take all - what do you think?

Richard Gottfried said...


Great blog post and pic.

The course looks great. It's known as Swedish Felt and is quite rare in the UK.

I'll definitely be making a visit asap!

If you want more info on Minigolf and tournaments check out the British Minigolf Association website at



G said...

Have you got a contact number for this place. Trying to organize a children's party and I think this would be perfect.

hayjane said...

Hi G,

Sorry, I don't have a telephone number for them. They haven't done any marketing / advertising so far. You might want to pop along for some more information.

Hayley :)

Richard Gottfried said...


The 18-hole Minigolf Course in Hither Green will be holding it's first big BMGA Tour event this Sunday (1st August).

More info at the British Minigolf Association website here -



Anonymous said...

Hello, Guys nice to meat you.

hayjane said...

Great deal on the mini golf here: