Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Petra PR stunt

,, You may have read in the newspapers today the shocking story of Petra the Blue Peter dog. Turns out that the Petra who thousands of kids came to know and love wasn’t the original Petra after all. The original puppy died two days after making its first, and only, appearance on the show, so they drafted in a secret replacement.

According to today’s reports, this ‘secret’ has only now been exposed following the revelation in former Blue Peter editor Biddy Baxter’s new book. Oh yeah? So how come
this article in the Times from over a year ago knows about the dead Petra? And how come, according to Google’s news tracker, it was known way back in 1996? I’LL TELL YOU WHY! Because Biddy’s publishers want some cheap publicity for the book and journalists are too bloomin lazy to check their facts (unlike my pal Rudi, who helped me out by finding the above links).

Yes, I do realise that by writing this blog I am also publicising the book, so their stunt has blatantly worked a treat. DAMMIT!

(Me in the Blue Peter garden next to George the tortoise's memorial plaque. He was a much better pet anyway).

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