Wednesday, 3 September 2008

We, who shall remain nameless

My band needs a name. I have come up with tons of names already but they have all been greeted with nothing but a bemused silence.

My ideas so far:
  • Tuco (the 'ugly' character from 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly')
  • Hunter Wing (which is where we practice)
  • Elephant in the Room (just thought it sounded cool)
  • Fonz (seeing as he's my mate)
  • Tumbleweed (because that's how quiet it goes when I've suggested any of the above)
So I am going to put it to the vote. Please indicate which of the above names you think is the best by voting on the poll on the right (go to my original blog if you're reading on Facebook). Or suggest your own by leaving a comment. I will then take the democratic findings to next week's practice and that will be that!


Alex said...

How about:
The Kaleidoscopes
The Shrugs
Number Conundrum
The Fender Benders
The Dew Dews
The Bradycardiacs

Anonymous said...

Alex what the bloomin eck is a bradycardiac? sounds like a disease that someone from the Brady Bunch would have.

Anonymous said...

I have done extensive research for you (visiting this website: and am happy to offer these:

Dainty Of The Perfect
Simian Land
Summit Decay
Excuse Of The Haven
Kind Wrath
Affair Of The Celestial Chump
Hung Clash
Robotic Gnome
Nocturnal Cube
Thirsty Algae

They're all crap, I know, but such is life...

manc_ill_kid said...

I like The Hunter Wing, it sounds elegant

Dunners said...

Think I'd prefer something without a 'the'....

Anonymous said...

Hunter Wing! tah dahhh - no 'the'!!

Anonymous said...

what bout hunter (minus the 'wing' and the 'the')

Anonymous said...

i also like the kaleidoscopes - nice one alex. how about the gilbeys.