Thursday, 8 January 2009

Wicked 48 hours

So I have completed another rotation around the sun and have waved goodbye to my mid-twenties. Ah well. A very good birthday it was too, with a birthday lunch, lots of wine, laughter, Chinese food (leading to doggybag-gate) and a surprise delivery to the office of a fab Authentic Cuervo Margarita kit courtesy of the lovely people at Splendid Communications. It was delivered by a courier and everything and came with a gorgeous glass with sparkly bits down the stem. Yum yum.

Then the following evening a bunch of us from work went to see the musical 'Wicked'. I'm a regular theatre-goer, but musicals aren't usually my bag, yet I swear this one blew my socks off. Fab story, catchy songs, witty humour. I even shed a couple of tears, which is VERY unlike me. Go and see it. Now. It's even got Carol from 'The Brittas Empire' in it (the receptionist who used to keep her baby in the drawer).

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