Monday, 12 October 2009

Heel up

In my drum lesson this evening I learnt that, in order to get maximum impact from the bass drum, you need to keep your heel off the ground and pretty much stamp on the kick pedal, as opposed to my current 'heel down' method of tapping the pedal with the ball of my foot. This method is going to take some getting used to, especially in all of my high-tempo (ish) bass drum sequences, of which I am a fan.
I also discovered today that my right foot and my left arm do NOT like doing the same thing at the same time, unless my right arm is also involved in the simultaneous action. I therefore now have a mission to make my right foot and left arm best buds. Inseparable, even. Sorry right arm, you're going to be left out for a little while, but soon you will have a new pal: left foot. But not for a long time yet, that really is my Achilles heel (or should I say foot).

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