Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Homeless To The Beard: My band needs rehearsal space!

My band - 'Witness To The Beard' - needs your help! We are homeless! We no longer have access to our London rehearsal space in Tooting (kind of a relief since it was a bit of a pain in the arse to get there and back, but it was free so mustn't grumble), so we're on the lookout for a new home.
Ideally it'd be in central London (around Waterloo area would be perfect), have a full drum kit, amps and microphones etc, and we'd be able to book it for a couple of hours at a time at a cost which wouldn't break the bank. I've already been recommended a few places after I put up a request on my work noticeboard, but thought I'd widen the net to see if I can get any more ideas. Me and the guys are having a (Witness To The) Board meeting this Thursday to discuss, so any thoughts before then would be much appreciated.

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