Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Melancholic trombones

Alas, another era is over. First Sally from Home & Away sods off, now Harold Bishop has bade a final farewell to Ramsay Street. Having sobbed like I'd never sobbed before when Madge died, I was preparing myself for a similar state of uninhibited despair today. But having just watched the episode on YouTube I have to say I'm actually quite disappointed. No sepia flashbacks, no emotional reminiscing between jelly-belly and Lou Carpenter (who, incidentally, is from a small village called Titchfield in Hampshire - the actor not the character, obviously) and no out-of-the-blue tragic accident (Dee and Toadie stylee - I'm still convinced she will return as a nun or something). Nope, just a half-hearted attempt at artistic poignancy with Lou and Harold sitting together in silence, trying desperately to convey to the viewer that 'nothing needs to be said'. OH BUT IT DID!! Rant over.

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