Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sweepstake shame

Today was always going to be about the final of 'The Apprentice'. Having been bombarded with Apprentice feature upon Apprentice feature in today's newspapers and getting a phonecall from a friend who had spotted Raef in a cafe near her office - today of all days - the final itself was actually a bit of an anti-climax. Except for the fact that Lee McQueen won. But I feel slightly guilty about this. You see, I set up an office sweepstake back when the show started, and by a complete coincidence I drew Lee from the hat (the hat being the palm of my hand). I feel a bit like a manager of a kids' football team who picks his son to be the striker, despite the fact that his son is rubbish at football. I think the only solution is to spend my copious winnings (well, £30) on a round of drinks for my fellow sweepstakers. What a great problem-solver I am. Maybe I should apply for the next series. Nope.

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