Saturday, 9 August 2008

Amazing new online game

It's lunchtime on a Friday. Only a few hours to go until the weekend. What better way to pass the time (in your lunch hour, of-course) than by participating in the world wide web's most fantastic interactive Friday-based competition, the Friday Factoid! Originally an internal game in my office, we have decided to open the weekly contest to one and all (to stop the same people from winning - you know who you are!!).

The rules:
  • Check every Friday morning
  • I will have uploaded this week's theme which you must find a fact about
  • Submit your fact (max 100 words) as an ANONYMOUS comment to the relevant blog posting by 2pm on the Friday
  • I then choose a winner
  • Check back after 3pm to see if you're the victor
  • If you have won, identify yourself via the blog for glorification purposes
  • Err, no prizes, except the pride of having your factoid celebrated, and mass adulation
Ridiculously geeky I know but it is rather fun and you do get to learn lots of amazing stuff by reading everyone's submissions...
Happy factoiding fellow nerds!

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