Friday, 22 August 2008

Hayley on Beijing (Hayjing) *Groan*

Is anyone else puffed with pride about the Olympic success of Team GB or is it just me? We are THIRD in the medals table! Whether we'll manage to hang on to that position remains to be seen, but we've done bloody well I reckon.

My memorable Beijing Olympic moments and observations:
  • Wondering how London will ever outdo Beijing's ridiculously precise opening ceremony
  • Feeling slightly relieved when I found out that the little girl was miming because at least we would never sink that low...would we?!
  • Telling the whole office that Chris Hoy had just won his third gold medal when, in fact, he'd just won the opening leg of his final (although he did go on to win)
  • Watching some of the stuff on the big screen in Trafalgar Square in the rain
  • The realisation that we seem to be especially good at the events where you sit down (cycling, rowing, sailing, eventing etc)
  • Pretty much half of the teams dropping their relay batons (at least we didn't drop ours)
  • Specifically, Team USA dropping their batons
  • Michael Johnson's face as Bolt broke the 100m world record
  • Michael Johnson's insistence that Bolt wouldn't break his own 200m record...just before he did
  • John Inverdale shoving his microphone in the faces of the quadruple sculls girls as they were having simultaneous nervous breakdowns
  • Watching repeats of the events on iPlayer in the office and screaming at the screen as if it was live
And many more. Other silly Olympic observations welcomed!

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