Saturday, 25 April 2009

Long time no blog

A mentally busy couple of months has resuelted in me cruelly neglecting my blog, and now that my laptop has been given a new lease of life (extended warranty, get in) I have no more excuses not to write more regularly.
In the last few weeks I've started a new job at the Guardian, which is going very well so far and has proven to be extremely interesting and varied. There's talk of me representing the Guardian at a charity pub quiz on Monday. They seem to think that my enthusiasm for pub quizzes and unsubtle competitiveness must mean that I know stuff....

Some of my recent spare time exploits:

...I saw 'In The Loop' last night at the Odeon cinema in Kensington. Once I'd recovered from the shock of paying the best part of £30 for two tickets and popcorn, I very much enjoyed it, and noted that the kid actress from 'My Girl', Anna Chlumsky, had a decent role in it as Liza.

...'The Apprentice'! I must admit I've been watching most of it on iPlayer as I don't seem to ever be at home on Wednesdays anymore. My sweepstaker, Maj, has already been kicked into touch, so no chance of a repeat sweepstake victory for me after last year's Lee McQueen triumph. I reckon the woman who looks like Heather Mills might win.

...I went into Harrods today because I know they stock the wallpaper I want for my bedroom. I say 'stock', but turns out they just have loads of wallpaper books and then you have to order what you want, and pay a £10 delivery charge regardless of whether it gets delivered to your house or to Harrods to pick it up! Fair enough if you're wallpapering a palatial drawing room from top to bottom and a tenner's neither here not there, but if you're only after one roll for thirty quid, it's a joke. There must be somewhere else I can get my hands on a roll.

...The band in which I drum now has a name! We are officially 'Witness to the Beard', which is somehow vaguely connected to the fact that my dad now has facial hair.

Right, I had better get some shut eye before the marathon tomorrow. "Marathon? HAYLEY?!" I hear you proclaim. Obviously I'm not running, but there is talk of heading out and about to watch it locally since we're now in south east London.

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