Thursday, 10 July 2008

Message to TfL - a Northern Whine

I am considering writing a stern letter to Transport for London (TfL). As mentioned in previous ramblings, I have a tendancy to fall asleep very easily. The tube being a prime spot for a bit of shut-eye. However, unless my brain is playing ridiculous tricks on me and my ears have become immune to the dulcet tones indicating that my stop is coming up, I SWEAR the automated Northern Line woman voice which kindly reawakens me from my regular slumbers hasn't mentioned Tooting Broadway for weeks! There have consequently been a number of occasions where I have only just woken myself up in time to jump off the tube. WHY IS THIS?! Has the Tooting Broadway bit of the tape broken?! Or have the big-wigs of Colliers Wood slipped TfL some cash, hoping that more people will miss their stop and get off in Colliers Wood instead, thus making 'The Wood' appear to be more popular than it actually is?! Extremely annoying. Although I guess worse things could happen.

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Anonymous said...

this is HILARIOUS. pls keep us informed of the answer when you find it out; I would love it if the tape has indeed broken. I just picture a little cassette being used, and the driver pressing 'play' and 'stop' each time it gets to the point of needing the next announcement. Poor ol Tooting B'way.