Sunday, 20 July 2008

Tears before breadtime

I happened to catch the last five minutes of 'Celebrity Masterchef' the other evening. I have to say, I was utterly shocked by the extreme levels of emotion on display from the c-list cooks. Former Atomic Kitten Liz and the Liverpudlian dude from 'Holby City' literally had tears rolling down their cheeks as they were waiting to hear whether they'd made it through to the final. Thank goodness they both did (along with Andi Peters, who managed to keep the weeping in check), otherwise I think some kind of emotional massacre would have ensued.

Don't get me wrong, it's strangely reassuring that it means so much to them, but I can't help but wonder a) what kind of financial incentive is being dangled in front of their noses in order to provoke such passion and b) why the hell the Atomic Kitten was allowed to compete in the first place since she had supposedly 'never touched an oven' before the show and is therefore not a 'masterchef'. Surely by this logic I should equally be allowed on the show because I am not a celebrity?! Oh yeah, I forgot, I've been in the London Lite...

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Adelleywelley said...

Ohhh MC is my guilty pleasure :)

I 100% agree with you about Liz "never used an oven before" - oh purrlease! In the previous episode she managed to cook a perfect roast dinner without a recipe book, yerrr right! I've got a feeling she's going to end up winning it.

It is totally fake but I bloody love it :)

Also: Andy Peters hasn't aged at ALL since being in the broom cupboard?!