Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Too cool for school...

...Or at least I thought The Fonz was until I saw him at the Teaching Awards today. Fonzie, aka legendary superstar actor person Henry Winkler, is apparently a spokesperson for the Dyslexia Association, hence he was there. And what a gent. After a couple of sips of wine I felt confident enough to approach, dragging my two slightly less-convinced colleagues with me, and he was happy to pose for a photograph. The most impressive thing about the rendezvous was that he REMEMBERED WHO WE WERE and even made an effort to say goodbye to us before he left. What an absolute diamond! Oh, and the awards themselves were pretty good too, thanks for the hospitality Cafe Royal!

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Rosie Keeling said...

Hi Hayles
I'm lovin your blog. It always makes me smile. Keep up the good work, and don't forget to do a few ISC ones too :)
Rosie x